What you value, says alot about what you’re worth!

People need to learn how to value intellect, dignity and honesty!

People don’t understand how detrimental it is to a relationship if one person does NOT value intellect, dignity and honesty. It creeps under our skin more than we know, and it eats away at our security and emotional stability.

I’ve seen too many people get hurt over something that could’ve been prevented, had they known better. So here I am, voicing out my opinion regarding these issues.

People tend to gravitate towards those who they have similar interests with, and share the same level of morale.

Women truly have this mean power of persuasion. They can destroy relationships that have taken years to build, in seconds. Sometimes it goes un noticed, sometimes you grasp the feeling of intrigue for a second, and let it slip through your fingers because you’re aware of the consequences. Not realizing, that a second is all it takes to shatter a picture perfect frame. And the funny thing is, these actions NEVER go un noticed. The truth does come out in the most unconventional, unexpected ways. You can’t hide it. People are alot more transparent, than they think they are.

Women need to stop objectifying themselves. They need to stop putting themselves on display, without a care as to who sees what. It’s something you expect from an adolescent, not a lady. It’s very important for me to display characteristics, that I feel are genuinely valued. First impressions DO count, and I believe in saying as you do and doing as you say.

It may be one of my down falls, but i DO expect the same from those people I let into my life. Those whom I love, those I value, and those I respect. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum, which I feel is the reason why I’m able to have these opinions. I’ve been the one who’s been betrayed, and I’ve also betrayed. I’ve lied and have been lied to. I’ve hurt as well as been hurt. And the truth is, nothing ever really prepares you for these experiences. You can only choose to never repeat them, and it gives you the opportunity to grow and learn.

Now with all that said. We all have this idea of what a healthy honest relationship consists of. You can only offer your best, and when you do..your only expectation is that you’re given the same back…their best!

Never invest your time into someone, if your all isn’t there. Be in a relationship whole-heartedly, it’s the only way things work. Don’t let distractions get the best of you. It’s not worth it, to risk the happiness of the one you know has genuine love for you, just so that you can share your attention with women who puts herself on a platter for everyone to share. Never lose sight of what you’re fortunate to have. Because I can gaurantee you, that if you don’t treat them well, if you don’t appreciate them, reassure them, love and care for them…someone else will…

Know what you have….and be grateful!