More women..less clothes

Is it just me, or are more and more women wearing less and less these days? Why do they feel the need to bare it all to feel sexy? We’ve combatted years and years of sexism and male dominance for trashy women like that, who have a low level of morale, who allow themselves to be objectified, make things harder for respectable women to walk around without being gawked at like cheap prey.

The worst part is, these women who walk around nasty and all, LOVE the attention, and they’ll continue to do it without any regard as to how it makes them look. Then they have the audacity to bitch and complain about how men treat them, and that they can never find the right guy! GO FIGURE lol.

These types of girls, end up with guys who cheat on them and don’t really care. After all, who wants to be with a girl who wears her shirt lower than her morale, or has the IQ equivalant to their waste size right?

This really hits a nerve with me, I’m just tired of seeing women degrade themselves, and put themselves on display, when all the while, good women are overlooked, and disrespected because of the wreckless actions of these girls.

I don’t know what their intentions are, or how potent the crack they smoke is, for them to think that these types of actions are appropriate..but what I do know, is that for the most part, on the outside, these girls are happy, but you must live a lonely, unfullfilled life when you feel the need to act out in such ways. It’s funny how it’s becoming more and more socially acceptable, for these types of behavior. It’s no longer taboo, but is still frowned upon.

You can’t be loved, until you love yourself. You’re rewarded with respect, when you yourself are respectful. If this is a cry out for the chance to earn social standing, stop. Because social standing isn’t important, if the people you surround yourself with aren’t REAL friends. Your real friends will continue to be there throughout this change…

But seriously…find yourselves! What you are now, may not be who you are as the end result…but it sure as hell will pave that path.